WOW Art – Emmanuelle Ly Illustrate WOW Covers!

Emmanuelle Ly is a french visual artist. She is a tumblraddict. Currently she posts a sketch a day on her blog mixing portraits, iconography, typography, and animated gifs in black and white. Now Emmanuelle will collaborate with WOW bringing her style and concept to the fashion side, here you will see her fashion vision trought out illustration, our first collaboration was with WOW Covers, she printed her vision what is our covers and of course we really like it, and welcome Emmanuelle Ly to WOW.

WOW Art - Emanuelle Ly French - Illustration Fashion Covers wow trend

Photo Wow05

Wow05 | Wow05

Photo Wow07

Wow07 | Wow07

Photo Wow03

Wow03 | Wow03

Photo Wow06

Wow06 | Wow06

Photo Wow02

Wow02 | Wow02

Photo Wow08

Wow08 | Wow08

Photo Wow04

Wow04 | Wow04

Photo Wow11

Wow11 | Wow11

Photo Wow10

Wow10 | Wow10

Photo Wow09

Wow09 | Wow09

Photo wow01

wow01 | wow01

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