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I’ve been living in Berlin for an year and half, the city is a real boom of artists, new concept companies and brands. Lots of very creative designers appear every day in all areas like fashion, product, furniture but from all what I’d seen in the city, it needs to make a huge highlight about the great contemporary artist Rein Volenga, a really special fashionable artist I got to know his work through Eemil Karila, co – founder of Musterzimmer Art Gallery, when he showed me his sculptures I really couldn’t believe how much I liked this mysterious strong wearable sculptures. The elegance and perfection are present in a unique way  the perfect polishment feel’s like smooth sculpid melted marshmellow what brings life and character with different forms and shapes, a while go I couldn’t resist to get in contact with him to ask if we could publish about his job in WOW and here it is, enjoy this avantgarde artist collection. 

Rein Vollenga (NL) lives and works in Berlin. The artist is known for his highly visceral sculptures that show a fascination for the human body merged with a synthetic aesthetic. These opposites are reflected in his technique of combining found generic objects with traditionally hand-sculpted material, the craftsmanship being in stark contradiction to the sleek high gloss surfaces of the finished work. Vollenga’s sculptures have been exhibited in both museums and galleries. He has had exhibitions in Milan, Vienna, Oslo, The Hague, Berlin and Tokyo, among others. Also, Vollenga’s so-called wearable sculptures – objects that can occasionally be worn as sculptural adornments – have been commissioned by several fashion labels, artists and performers. His collaborations include Mugler, Lady Gaga, KTZ, New Power Studio, Cassette Playa, 2NE1, Hanayo and M-Flo Verbal. The wearable sculptures have been shown during the London and Paris Fashion Weeks and featured in Dazed, i-D, V Man, V, NY Times, Vogue Italia, Sang Bleu, Showstudio and 



Photos by Jonas Lindström.


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