WOW Beauty – Parfum Memories

by Solane Chloé


 Scent of a Woman

“I left you something to remember me by, it’s not something you can see and it´s not something you can feel….. It´s the smell that always lingers around me. When you touch my clothes, it will never be unnoticed. If I pass you by, it will make sure you turn your head for me. And when you kiss me, so sweetly in my neck, or between my breasts…. There it will be, deep into my skin, remembering you who I am and why it suits me so well. My perfume makes you fall in love with me, over and over again. If you´d ever smell it on someone else, you will think of me and only me, but it will never be the same, simply because it is not me, it is not my skin, it´s not the love you knew, even if the perfume is exactly the same. The roses will not flourish like they did on me and the musk will not warm your senses, tantalize you, it will not make you want more…. As soon as you smell my perfume, you will wish it was me, and not the scarlet you see…. All you will do is remember me……” Sophie, about her Chanel N°5 extrait de parfum. Paris, France


The Smell of Ambition

“I was a young girl living in Buenos Aires, back in the 80´s. When I started my first big job in the City Bank. I was taking my first steps as a grown woman. One of the partners working in the bank always impressed me, she was a graceful woman, always wearing the perfect shoes, with the most beautiful suits or dresses. I admired her style every time I saw her and when she passed me by a strong, woody and warm perfume followed her. The smell of success, the smell of confidence. I had to have it and one day I asked what she was wearing and she told me. When I got my first pay check I didn´t care how expensive it was, I had to have it and so I bought it. After, for many years I always used the same perfume, because it made me feel stylish, confident, strong and powerful. Now I´m a successful business woman with great style. I became the woman I wanted to be.” Liliana, about her first perfume Paloma Picasso. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


A Broken Bottle

“He was the kind of guy that charmed you, made you fall in love with him without you realizing how deep you would be in love with. We met casually, I was drunk and before I knew it we were kissing against the wall in a bar. I ended up in his house, a place I eventually stayed in for a year. He seemed like a good guy, funny, good looking and taking a lot of care for himself, wearing a classic but trendy eau de toilette that was sweet and strong, like him. After a long time I found out mister nice wasn´t nice at all. Every time I would go and see my friends in a city nearby, he would call someone else, to cheat on me, just because he could. I felt stupid and my world collapsed, thinking by myself how could I´ve been so stupid? He was so bad, a dirty perverted guy who couldn´t be loyal but expected me to sit by his side every time and forgive him. One day I just woke up, got my things as he was screaming in my ear. I never paid him any more attention and I just left the house without ever looking back. Now if someone wears the same fragrance, I get sick in my stomach and in times of weakness it even makes me cry. Anonymous, about D&G,Dolce & Gabanna for men. Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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