WOW Beauty Pop Trend – Ciccone Youth by Servullo

WOW Beauty Section introduces Servullo Mendez, make up artistwith his Make up POP trend inspiration.
Servullo was born in France, and started his career in the beauty world in Paris, his experience and talent took him to other main fashion cities like New York, London and Milan. Today he is based in Berlin and is represented by Nude make up and styling agency. Servullo’s career has been recognized for best makeup style by the International Advertising Award. One of the inspirations of this super creative make up artist, is Pop Queen Madonna, a longtime fan since the early times when she was still an alternative avant-garde personality. He told me once, that “as a make up artist, it is not hard to be fascinated by the Queen of pop, and it is impossible not to be influenced by her multiple make up looks and style.”

Photographer – Robert Bartholot – Credits – Beauty Concept Servullo  using Jane Iredale The Skin Care Make up www. Main Prdoucts – Purepressed Base SPF 20 / Pommisst Hydration Spray / Mineral Powder – Model Franzisca

The main idea of this project was to bring a “normal girl”, (*meaning someone who is not a dedicated to modeling), with the right features that could allow Servullo to create these different makeup moods all inspired on Madonna’s eras, compiling the looks of the 80s and 90s golden times.

Talking one day with Servullo about this Crazy Pop Monster Wave, he told me that not a long time ago him and the photographer Robert Bartholot worked on, Ciccone Youth, a make up art project about Madonna’s make up style that he really loved. I thought to myslef, “the revival of a real pop artist”, which knowing him of course, I had not a doubt it would look fabulous. Servullo is a crazy fan of Madonna, so when I saw it, I immediately had the great idea to show it on WOW Make Up Trends, a project inspired on a true make up trend setter from the pop world. Madonna definitely has been a trendsetter for over 25 years and no better make up artist and a great fan of hers could revive the trends of The Pop Beauty Queen.

Madonna’s make up looks are a reference when the “fashionistas” talk about mood trends for editorial work. When professionals want to make a point about their beauty concept, they can just say Madonna’s look from a certain, year or date, and it becomes clear to everybody what the beauty idea is about. It can be an easy reference to mention something like Madonna’s Lipsticks in the 80’s or Madonna’s eyeliner from the early 90s – Madonna =Fashion = Madonna.
Servullo’s makeup converted the model into Madonna through diverse techniques used for special effects in cinema and advertising, reproducing The Pop Queen’s make up from the hype moments of her golden career.

 Special Thanks to Yunuen Rhi

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