WOW Berlin Fashion Week Perret Schaad

Since their debut collection presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January 2010, Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad have defined the essence of PERRET SCHAAD’s line by cultivating their obsession for the « modern » and the « beautiful ».
Already the first collection proved the duo’s capacity to express their aesthetic as well as their perfectionism. It was greatly applauded and marked the launch of the label into business, not only encouraged by the press- but also by retail response.
In their work the designers use quality fabrics, both noble and tactile materials, and combine them with harmony- or in contrast, creating beautifully made designs. Keeping an intuitive method in their design process, with precise cuts and inventive draping, PERRET SCHAAD creates sharp and sensual silhouettes. Lines and patterns evoke structure and fluidity, while forms and volume draw the classic and the new.
PERRET SCHAAD’s look is complete- feminist and romantic, disciplined and free.

The PERRET SCHAAD Spring/Summer collection 2014 captures the spirit of a summer spent in a city, simple and easy and full of unexpected colours. A stream of images passes, sounds, a soft brise, in the distance the sourface flares. The palette is airy and bold at the same time. Cassis sorbet and menthol ice cream conjures artificial freshness, while a true yellow and a vibrant orange red provoke the inebriate heat. The swimming pool blue summons elegance- while the asphalt grey sparkles subtly. It’s fabrics inspire tactility. Noble silks, fresh linens, and soft cottons are both natural and rich materials that the designers like to confront to technical surfaces. Through draping and pattern cutting they create fluid and sculptural forms that interact with each other in contrast and harmony. Their attention to detail marries accomplished form and perfect fit with an ease that gives the collection sublime lightness.

The architecture of Mies van der Rohe embraces geometry, transparency, and reflectionelements PERRET SCHAAD relates to in its aesthetic. The Neue Nationalgalerie becomes, for an epigrammatic moment, a playground in which the clothes unfold.For Spring /Summer 2014 Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad create a precise look that reflects the flexibility and multitude of the urban environment while being commited to an accentuated simplicity. Their Designs are art pieces for all women that love the utile and the chic.

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