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Open “a temple of food, art, music and social life” was the project of the businessman & restaurateur Mourad Mazouz. And he did. The site chosen was a Victorian building in Mayfair, London. An address that is known as Sketch and whose four floors are occupied by acclaimed Lecture Room & Library, chef Pierre Gagnaire (Mazouz partner); The Glade cocktails; the tea room Le Parlour and The East Bar.



The fifth space has been incorporated The Gallery, owned by the artist David Shrigley. Where nothing is left to chance: from the dishes, he created (for sale in the boutique Sketch, from 100 euros a piece), to uniforms, signed by Richard Nicoll. “I wanted them to be elegant and utilitarian, inspired by those used in American restaurants in the middle of last century, but with a very modern and sophisticated vision,” he explained the British designer. The result is a modern gray monkey for them and minimalist shirt dress for them.
Utensils The Gallery was a starting point for decoration. “David showed me his pieces, and all he asked was that they had white tablecloths tables for destacasen” says interior designer India Mahdavi. They also agreed that the site should breathe order. “This building has many crowded local. I wanted to create something structured, but not without optimism, as if they were entered in a mansion in Beverly Hills diva “pointed Egyptian decorator. Thus, this society of gastronomy, art and design has resulted week waiting list to get one of their tables.
New monuments. Properties with glorious past, as Volt: local fashion in Berlin owned by chef Matthias Gleib-, trading higher in European hospitality. “It was a miracle to find in Kreuzberg (Berlin) a power station abandoned and available,” he says. He himself was responsible for transforming this 1925 building, designed by Hans Heinrich Müller, in a space dedicated to renew traditional German cuisine.
A palace of 1840 in Helsinki in 1970 by Keijo -amending Petäjä- is today the Mediterranean restaurant Bronda. A place with showbiz clientele who come attracted by its chef Tomi Björck, television star Tomi’s kitchen program.
Bronda /Helsinki
And the same happens in Paris, where the reopening of the Japanese Kinugawa (opened in 1984), with the chef Toyofumi Ozuru forward, has seen a new generation of famous occupy their tables. Jean Paul Belmondo or Saint Laurent passed to reserve Charlotte Gainsbourg and Michel Gondry.
The Gallery, London
“Beverly Hills in Mayfair or how to renew the classic Hollywood style and bourgeois.” This restaurant defines its interior designer, India Mahdavi. -in A space known that Egyptian Sketch- building designed as a framework to look the 245 drawings by the artist David Shrigley, owner of the premises. British dishes from 15 euros.
Razzia, Zurich
It was the first cinema in town, opened in 1922. After several lives (including a cinema and X), is reborn as Italian and cocktails. Dishes from 26 euros.
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Bronda, Helsinki
Bronda, HelsinkiLocal fifth Wikbergres Tomi Björck and Matti brings the essence of Europe: Spanish dishes, Finnish ingredients, aesthetics brasserie and Italian furniture Pedrali.
Kinugawa, Paris
After nine years of closure, the Japanese reopens with new look, designed by Gilles & Boissier. Its cuisine is kaiseki (delicate presentation). Menu for 65 euros.
Mordiscos Creativos, Barcelona
Exclusive and still (almost) unknown. That is the reason why the personalities of fashion, film, art and design chosen to close the agreements, eat and drink to your successes.
Alpha, Sydney
The chef Pedro Conistis wanted to create in the Greek “Hellenic renewed room where trading and eat.” Hence, the market chose for your local district. The DS17 study was decorated with mythological murals and pieces of houses of fishermen in the Cyclades. Menu: 44 €.
The Lambs Club, NY
In the 132 with 44 players was a club with this name. He came Charles Chaplin and John Wayne. Today, inside revives the aesthetics of the 40’s, but at their tables do not talk about interpretation, but meat is eaten. Burgers for 25 €.
At.mosphere, Dubai
In the 122 floor, 422 meters above ground and overlooking the Persian Gulf, is the bistro of the world’s highest. Adam Tihany was responsible for the furniture and Jerome Lagarde of his letter of European food. The tasting menu including chestnut soup or kobe steak, costs € 128.