WOW Berlin Mag – Stine Goya Autumn Winter 2015 “Editor’s Best Pieces”

Stine Goya presents an Autumn Winter collection filled with tribal references played out in a fearless yet feminine setting. Sourcing inspiration from the Surma and Mursi tribes of East Africa, bold ethnic embellishments and borrowed-from-nature prints create a unique cultural and personal expression reworked to urban sensibilities.Translating tribal face and body decorations into modern prints, finger-painted stripes and spots transform elegant dresses, tops and jackets cut from sheer and delicate fabrics. The materials used in these expressive tribal embellishments inspire prints that reference the African Savanna, exotic flowers and foliage together with the richly coloured African soil.Heavy fringe details, delicate knitwear, lightweight silks, constructed coats in neoprene wool and voluminous down jackets in soft velvet meld with reversed knits, quilted textures and dusty green Swarovski stones. The colour palette references the exquisite and symbolic colours of tribal embellishment: Comprising an invigorating combination of new and classic Stine Goya hues, bold white, black, pink and green mix with muted greys, pastels and gold.The renowned Danish artist John Kørner has created a unique artist print for Stine Goya that expresses the feminine, mysterious and playful elements which define the collection’s signature styles.Infinitely inventive and enticingly magical, the collection’s artistic aesthetic is all about self-expression and enjoyment.

Stine_Goya_Giulia Glitter Boot, Gold Stine_Goya_Sweet Jacket, Bluebell Light Stine_Goya_Bird Jacket, Cypress

Stine_Goya_Ethiopia Dress, ClayStine_Goya_Serina Coat, GreyStine_Goya_Andrea Dress, Bluebell Dark