WOW Lifestyle – Carner Barcelona a High Catalan Parfumerie Brand


It’s not only about creating scents
but also about evoking memories,
sharing experiences
and transmitting emotions”

Sara Carner

Carner Barcelona is create with the most quality ingredients by true artisans in the world of fine fragrances, the collection of Carner offers distinctive scents for individuals that choose to indulge in the luxury of being unique.

A passion for fine perfumery, a constant search for authenticity and quality and a tireless desire to create by connecting scents and experiences, encouraged Sara Carner to follow her instinct and start her own project, CARNER BARCELONA.

Working alongside the most recognized noses, Sara brought her artistic and personal interests to life, creating delicate blends of precious ingredients by pouring parts of herself, her experiences, her thoughts and dreams one droplet at a time.

Coming from a long line of Spanish leather artisans, Sara Carner has infused CARNER BARCELONA with the culture of Spanish workmanship collaborating with the best local designers and suppliers in the creation of the brand and its perfumes.

The Symbolism of Carner

Exceptional juices encased in sober lines and minimalist black and white colors remain faithful to the vanguard and cosmopolitan image of Barcelona.
A perfect fusion between the old and new; the brand’s silver insignia honors the antique XIXth century iron doors of Barcelona, a subtle blink to the past…

The wood accord, one of the most sensual and intriguing notes that has a presence in each creation, is visually represented in the solid wood cap of the bottles, which are crafted from sustainably managed European forested lumber.

Latest Launch Carner Barcelona Travel Set

Sara Carner has laucnh their first travel with the 2 top sellers, after the request of the clients they bring together in the kit the main fragrance of the brand RimaXI and Tardes both parfums are just an amazing combination of high refined notes, a pure feeling of the mediterranean now you can take it anywhere where you travel.

If you are in Germany you can find the Carner Barcelona at Belle Rebelle Shop Bleibtreustraße 42, 10623 Berlin, Germany or 

Carner Barcelona Travel Kit Tardes and Rimas XII


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