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Recently, a really good friend of mine introduced me to Schönheitskönigin Corinna Mosler Jakobsohn at a party. My first impression when meeting her was how wonderfully she smelled and how beautiful and fresh she looked.
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In this short introduction we exchanged some information, and so I found out that she works with the most refined brands on the luxury cosmetic market. She’s not only beautiful, but also runs her own beauty store: Belle Rebelle. We exchanged cards and after a couple of days I sent her a message, asking if we could meet; I was really interested in hearing more about her and her passion! And so we made an appointment at Belle Rebelle shop! Check in for real Beauty

Corinna is the soul of Belle Rebelle, located Berlin at Bleibtreustrasse 42. The place is her pure image and essence, when I stepped in and closed my eyes, for a few seconds my brain just travelled around the world of the best smells without making me dizzy, and all non commercial brands!!!! A paradise of real essences created by the best noses in the world, all together in an exclusive place located in Old Gold West Berlin.


MDO_LND_CUI-1Corinna toured me through the shop and introduced me to some of the brands, also inviting me to pass into the back office where she deals with the distribution for both retail and the online shop. During our meeting I could easily realize two things, she is a hard working

woman with a big heart. She is in charge and controlling every single detail about her 3 different projects.

More than passion about beauty products! Starting her career in the Cosmetic Market when she was young, she worked for many international brands including Estee Lauder and exklisive. During this period she developed an infinite passion for good quality brands and products. All the brands she stocks pay great attention to development and research in order to create the best skin care products and perfumes. Through the years, her knowledge and passion have expanded enormously making her come through as a valuable expert in the extensive world of cosmetics.


After our meeting, she invited me to the Belle Rebelle Press Day at the shop where I could meet six of her best brand partners, it was really interesting to witness the relationship between Corinna and her brands, they are very well connected, almost like a family, all of them together managed to make the guest feel such an amazing atmosphere. Each of the Noses and founders of the brands present made that day become one of the most fascinating presentations I had ever been in, presenting each brand concept in an unique way, just like Belle Rebelle.


From Germany to the World, today her company is the official distributor of these high Perfumery and Cosmetic brands, Mona Di Orio, Sepai, Zenology, Maria Lux, Carner Barcelona and Fornasetti. But these are not the only brands she stocks, in her shop in Charlottenburg, Berlin, you can find another 50 top cosmetics brands. Corinna’s philosophy is about products that are real, and what exactly does that mean? Every brand she stocks must have a clear production process, avoiding the industrial mass production, in which she declares, many ingredients are not healthy at all. Her passion about cosmetics becomes clear when you ask her to tell you more about any product, in a simple way she manages to take you to a beautiful and pleasant universe full of notes and essences. Belle Rebelle, a Unique Place with a unique soul behind.

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