WOW Music – Sonic Mobilée “A Hype Sound”

All About Sonic Mobilee Growing up in Berlin and Hamburg the two brothers Julius and Lucas Fischötter (21+18) discovered their passion for music while learning to play the classical guitar and piano starting at the age of 10. After playing in various bands they founded SONIC MOBILÉE in 2010 inspired by British rock music,  heritage of their grandfathers compositions in Jazz and Film music. Led by their love for vintage sounds and modern electronic music production SOMO use instruments like a 1973 Fender Rhodes stage piano and electric guitars for their performances and back it up with an electronic live set. SONIC MOBILÉE played in various locations in Hamburg supporting e.g. Kele, Beach Fossils, Tamaryn and The New Wine. The same person, being torn apart between reality and dream, self-control and subconsciousness. PRAY by Sonic Mobilée Taken from the upcoming SOMO EP Video by D É J À V Ü Music recorded, mixed and mastered by Kilian from Exposure Music Special thanks to our Creative Director Lukas Kesler Visit Sonic Mobilée

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