WOW Berlin Mag – Louis Vuitton Galerie through the history of the luxury voyage.

WOW Berlin Mag – Louis Vuitton Galerie through the history of the luxury voyage.

img-thing  Today our story of desire begins as children’s stories: Once upon a time, (over 150 years) ago, a boy of 14 who decided to leave his small town in the French Alps (Anchay) to goes to Paris. There is a legend behind  this young man, where he had got involve all kinds of work agreed to continue to his dream destination. When he arrived in the City of Light he began working as an apprentice in a factory of drawers…

This visionary boy founded Louis Vuiton one of the most powerful, successful, imitated and recognizable brands in the fashion industry. Getting the trust of people like the Empress Eugenie, the Grand Duke Nicholas, the mayor of Tokyo, Goto Shojiro, the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid, and all of Hollywood, starting with the American actor Douglas Fairbanks.

Going back in time not that far back in the XXI century, a high moment in the history of Louis Vuitton, was the welcome of Nicolas Ghesquière to the French house, what brought back the essence of the oldest Maison of the industry.

Few companies can boast such wealth, so much history and so many stories, plus an inimitable savoir faire, and undoubtedly be an absolute legend and institution in the world of fashion.

We love the creations of Ghesquière, his pants flare up, his boots monogram, the mini skirts and dresses seventies, but we must recognize that above all Louis Vuitton’s travel, trunks, is printed canvas suitcases dream with which we could traveling without luggage because it seems that taking it already have all the essentials you must need it.


This Journey with Louis Vuiton take you to a unique destination, because you won’t take off the head of the journey, we want to go to France, near Paris,  to Asnières, direct and without missing a minute to a magical visit, a journey through the history of Louis Vuitton or what is the same, a journey through the history of the voyage,  La Galerie Louis Vuitton, the historic heart of the label. The place is a mix of family home, birthplace of craftsmanship, creativity, inspiration, museum and archive.

23,000 objects, including documents 165,000 110,000 customer records … definitely can not postpone our trip, prepare the trunks because the object of desire for this week is definitely a trip to Asnieres, a trip to the soul of Louis Vuitton, its craftsmen, its clients, artists that are part of the life of the label. Trunks that seem taken from Orient Express, boxes with hats from the 50s, early briefcases, the first flexible bags … And all punctuated with the creations of the past creative directors, Ghesquière, Kim Jones and Marc Jacobs, all in an environment that smells travels, stories, experiences …

The possibility of being in the World of Vuitton, which also are still made special requests in, exotic leather handbags, limited editions and parts for parades. Who can resist this magical visit? Prepare your luggage because this trip will be very special. I do guarantee. ☺